Enabling Your Workforce

America Ilsintech’s unique All-In-One (AIO) technology has been embraced by hiring managers, trainers, installation supervisors, and workforce managers for multiple reasons. We have continued to see how America Ilsintech’s AIO has dramatically impacted workforces in the following ways:


  • Enables new hires to ramp up from training to production speed quickly
  • Appeals to the younger workforce by enabling the use of technology vs. tedious repetition
  • Extends the capabilities and adds years of service to technicians approaching the end of their career
  • Increases the overall quality of a workforce’s output
  • Better defines clear installation metrics and installation times


By using AIO technology, becoming more self-reliant and enabling their workforce to become more capable of installing and supporting their networks, fiber service providers realize another positive effect of elevating their workforce’s capabilities. When there is a fiber outage due to weather or accidents, some large customers have Service Level Agreements that qualify them to credit for not having service and, in most cases, are enforced on an hourly basis. Having a workforce that responds quickly helps reduce the downtimes, reducing or eliminating SLA penalties.


America Ilsintech is not the only company with this splice-on connector technology, but our unique solution is more cost-effective than other options, especially when the yield ratio is examined. The yield ratio is how many connectors are wasted due to technician damage and waste during the installation process. We are proud to boast the lowest yield ratio in the marketplace due to our innovative design. 


Since COVID has transformed so many aspects of what we do and how we do it this past year, America Ilsintech has seen more customers switch to our fiber connectivity solutions than any other fiber optic connectivity supplier in North America. While our industry as a whole has seen a drop-in sales, America Ilsintech’s sales have grown significantly. Our solutions and inventory are supported by our Carrollton, TX facility, including all maintenance and repairs. Customers enjoy a 3-year warranty on all new purchases, and most take advantage of the two no-charge maintenance and software upgrade visits during the warranty period.


Give us a call today at 972-556-0916 or explore our website and learn how your company can be better positioned and self-reliant to address your fiber connectivity needs.


By Dave Schuman

Dave Schuman is the Vice President of Service Provider Markets at America Ilsintech based in Carrollton TX. America Ilsintech brings innovative solutions to Service Providers in the US and Canada, helping them to deliver high speed fiber optic connectivity solutions to workforces large and small on time and within budget.

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