America Ilsintech is pleased to announce its participation in the SCTE•ISBE Corporate Alliance Partner program as a Technology Partner (Tech CAP).

Tech CAP program participants are committed to the growth and success of SCTE•ISBE and its operator and vendor members, as well as the technological advancement of the cable industry workforce. Those contributions come in many forms including Standards Committee Participation, Event Sponsorship, Membership Growth, Technology Expertise and others as needed to support the betterment of the industry.

Dave Schuman, Director of Broadband Markets for America Ilsintech, offered that “Cable Operators have enthusiastically adopted our product offering. The Tech CAP program gives America Ilsintech the opportunity to invest further in the growth of our valued customers and contribute to the future of our industry.”

America Ilsintech will continue its years of participation at SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® as an Exhibitor and expand its presence with additional related sponsorships. Prior to the Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2019 Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans, America Ilsintech will become an active participant in the Equipment and Cabling Standards, Interface Practices Subcommittee.

“The strength of our CAP program is in the number and diversity of operator and vendor members,” said Matt Aden, vice president, Sales and Operations for SCTE•ISBE. “The participation of companies like America Ilsintech in the CAP program and beyond is helping to ensure the continued development of new network elements for the delivery of high quality video to cable subscribers.”

Schuman continues by saying, “We have established a reputation for innovation that improves performance, quality and efficiency. These aspects of the Swift product development strategy rapidly increase the skillset of Coax Technicians to fiber optics. We look forward to supporting these same priorities as an expanded participant at the SCTE•ISBE organizational level alongside other Tech CAP partners.”

About the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)

SCTE drives business results for service providers and vendors through technology innovation, standards development and industry-leading training and certification. In partnership with CableLabs® and NCTA, SCTE builds value for corporate and individual members by enabling accelerated delivery of products and services, superior workforce expertise and increased customer satisfaction. SCTE and its global brand, ISBE, annually produce SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo, the largest cable telecommunications technology, educational and business development event in the Americas. More at

About America Ilsintech

America Ilsintech’s Swift product line includes Fusion Splicers, Precision Cleavers, Fiber Optic Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Splitters and related products. The portfolio is highlighted by the patented line of All-In-One Fusion Splicers that Strip, Clean, Cleave, Splice, Sleeve and Test within
a single unit. More at

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