We’re Changing Our Name—Not Our Values

America Ilsintech Is Becoming UCL Swift North America

America Ilsintech is excited to announce we will become UCL Swift North America (NA) on June 14, 2021. UCL Swift North America is part of a larger corporate division, UCL Swift Americas governing both North and South America territories. With this transition, our customer base can expect continued success as we further align with our parent company, UCL Swift (formerly Ilsintech Co.), and the rest of UCL Swift’s global presence to increase our capacity to provide the highest quality products and services. 

Our General Manager, Brad Everette, proudly says, “As we change our name to UCL Swift North America, we want our loyal customers to rest assured that nothing will alter our commitment to our established standards of excellence and innovation.” The UCL Swift NA footprint extends from the United States to Canada, with its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. With representatives right here in the USA, you will always have a knowledgeable representative available to you when you need support or assistance. 

Brad assures potential and existing clients that nothing about the company’s longstanding commitment to quality will change. “The products we make will always be superior, progressive, and cutting-edge. When it comes to solutions that increase productivity, improve installation timelines, and ensure reliable optical performance, we will always be your trusted partner and resource,” he says.

As we all know, the world’s need for fiber optic capabilities has grown exponentially over the past two decades. To meet the demands, UCL Swift NA has innovated and expanded the industry with its fusion splicers, splice-on connectors, cleavers and accessories to help connect the globe. This exceptional technology serves Enterprise, Data Center and Broadband markets. Using our products, UCL Swift NA customers provide their clients with better connections and the extraordinary performance they deserve.

When more people than ever rely on high-speed broadband internet connections, massive data centers and fail-proof networks, the need for simple, economical and rapid installation is paramount. Our loyal customers can continue to trust that we will create and produce unique products and services according to the UCL Swift NA motto, “Challenge and Innovation.” 

We look forward to continuing to serve you now and far into the future. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

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