Dallas, Texas: March 17, 2020

America Ilsintech has always been committed to providing Tier 1 products, services and support to our valued customers. This commitment will continue through the global actions being taken to avert the spread of the COVID-19 virus as well as the economic concerns that those actions may create.

We have increased and continue to increase domestic inventory levels of key products to assure there is minimal logistical interruption of materials required for the success of our customers.  We also continue to offer best-in-class customer support for both Fusion Splicing and Fiber Optic Connectivity. 

  • Our office will remain open for as long as deemed possible considering the well-being of our employees and our responsibility to society.  Should that change, we will continue to operate via remote offices, assuring little to no impact to our responsiveness. To support the federal mandates for “Social Distancing”, we ask that Will Call orders be avoided and that UPS/FedEx shipping be utilized.
  • Our Territory, Regional, Market-based and online support infrastructure remain available during this crisis. However, to support “Social Distancing” measures, our personnel will be limiting travel to only what is absolutely necessary and safe. As necessary, our team is ready and available to answer any questions, concerns, or ordering inquiries via phone or video conferencing.  Customers are encouraged to utilize these support functions as often as required to assure all needs are met.
  • Our global manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated to include plastic injection molding, metal fabrication, PCB population, precision machining and ferrule molding. This visionary philosophy assures consistent product quality and reduces dependency on outsourced materials that may be in short supply during these times. Furthermore, these facilities do not operate on a JIT supply chain, but rather expanded inventories, both onsite and in pipeline, for contingency purposes. There have been no production interruptions to date and, through extensive discussions with our suppliers, none are foreseen.

Please utilize info@americailsintech.com for questions about our position on COVID-19 as it exists and as it may adapt to changes in recommendations from reliable sources.  

Thank you.

Brad Everette, General Manager

UPDATE:  Please read our most recent COVID-19 Statement here: https://uclswiftna.com/updated-covid-19-coronavirus-statement/

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