Recently I had a discussion with a customer who I was responding to with a solution that required a bit of research. The research was specifically re-creating something he encountered during a field installation where he felt that he could be performing more efficiently with our fusion splicer. With a little bit of trial and error we were able to improve his methodology and find him a better way forward. When we finished the call he thanked me and apologized for reaching out as the issue was not with our gear as much as it was with some of the other materials on the job. I told him there really is never an instance that he should NOT call us, that we are here to support his efforts.

The company that I work for, America Ilsintech, is constantly creating innovative and very cost effective solutions for FTTx and Data Center connectivity. For us it is the process and techniques you use along with our gear to operate efficiently day after day. Our solutions are universally designed and standards based. Since we don’t supply bulk fiber our solutions are created to be fiber agnostic, and by supporting the Bring Your Own Fiber (BYOF) model we are ready to help you install the most current cutting edge solutions to any legacy fiber that might be in the ground if it is possible. Reach out to us and let us work through your project to insure you are equipped for success. We are seeing may varieties of fiber being used in the field, many times even the installation tech’s are unaware of what type of fiber they are working with until they have issues.

Our complete line of aggressively priced single fiber and ribbon fiber fusion splicers, splice on connectors and pigtails will enable you to deliver end user connectivity at a higher value than our competitors. In many cases we can provide a splice on solution at a more competitive rate than mechanical connectors, and at the same time achieve a much better loss budget for your project. As one of our customers told me last week, “The times are a changing, how and with whom we did it is not how we are going to do it moving forward and people have to get used to that.”

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By Dave Schuman
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