High-Density Fiber Optic Solutions for the Data Center

High-Density and Bandwidth Start with Reliable Fiber Fusion Splicing

Fiber Optic Data Center Solutions by UCL Swift NAToday’s modern data center is no longer a simple on-campus physical servers and hardware. Instead it has grown to encompass environments that allow data, applications, and workloads to be shared across multiple physical and cloud-based components. Additionally, the critical nature of these data center infrastructures, the need for high-density, secure, and bandwidth-rich hardware has become a necessity. 

At UCL Swift NA, our foundation rests on the speed, resilience, and future-proofing that fiber optics offers. For over 3 decades now, we have engineered and pioneered the best in fiber optic fusion splicers and connectivity components, ideal for data center applications:

  • Our All-In-One fiber optic fusion splicers can perform 5 different splicing functions in one unit making it easy to terminate connectors or create custom cable assemblies on site specific to your data center’s needs.
  • Our splice-on connectors utilize an innovative design to allow the ferrule to disperse any bend stress at the sleeve point and prevent fiber optic disconnect. This results in better connections and more reliable terminations. Additionally, our splice-on connectors are made with our own manufactured ferrules, quality tested beyond industry standards to ensure reliable fiber optic connections. Available in high-density OM5 LC, standard LC, and MPO connector variations.
  • Our high-density plug and play LC patch panels offer a small form factor pre-loaded with LC adaptors for quick and easy terminations
  • Our high quality fiber data center patch cables using Corning Glass and are 100% inspected and tested to Telcordia GR326 standards compliance. They provide a low maintenance solution for transmission systems, LAN and POL applications, as well as module pigtails. Budget friendly and with the longevity to support your network for years to come, factory terminated fiber optic cable assemblies from UCL Swift NA deliver an easy method for quick installs and guaranteed performance.

From colocation facilities to enterprise data centers, our products can provide a network infrastructure with reliable performance, easy installations, and high-density support. 


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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Fiber Optic Patch Panels


Our comprehensive line of fusion splicers provide best-in-class optical performance that deliver easy and affordable installs for any data center application.  From All-In-One splicers that perform all 5 splicing functions in a single unit to our stand alone fusion splicers, SWIFT delivers advanced fiber terminations.


Guaranteed performance with fiber optic splice-on connector. Designed with our own manufactured ferrule  to disperse stress bends and prevent fiber optic disconnect resulting in better connections and more reliable terminations for data center optimization.


Improve the quality of your connections with UCL Swift’s line of SM & MM SC, ST, LC and MPO/MTP cable assemblies. We manufactures the components of our connectors from the high-quality ferrules to the boots, ensuring reliable connections and low insertion loss in every cable assembly.


Our space saving 19″ 1RU patch panel is pre-loaded with 24 of our own LC fiber optic adaptors. Ideal for high-density data center patching, this small form factor can be utilized for quick and easy terminations.

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