How America Ilsintech Changed The Fusion Splicer Industry

When assessing technologies for their effectiveness and determining if they are successful, a simple rule of thumb can be applied. Does the technology enable more people to do a higher quality job at a faster rate? We have seen amazing technology transform our lifestyle right before our eyes, from the automobile assembly line to the Apple iPhone. Nike has even gotten into the fray with a sneaker that significantly improves the times of long-distance runners, causing much controversy. (Read Here: Nike Vapor Fly)

When new technologies arrive on the scene, some are very well hyped, and some are subtle. In addition to the technology itself, users also fall into classes of their own: early adopters, skeptics looking for validation, and those who push back against any change and feel what they currently have will suffice. Ultimately adaptation rate and years in service are the historical judges of how effective a new technology has become.

After UCL Swift (formerly Ilsintech Technologies) introduced our first Keyman fusion splicer in 2007, we quickly released the patented and innovative F1 All-In-One (AIO) in 2009. There was much discussion regarding a move to this new technology that, for the first time, utilized an onboard Thermal Stripper to improve quality and consistency and an onboard, built-in Fiber Cleaver that had never been seen before. Many of these original F1’s are still in use today as they were quality-built machines and easily serviced.

One year later in 2010, our field-installable fusion splice-on-connector (FSOC) was introduced into the market. Combined with the F1 fiber technicians could now make custom length fiber optic connections in the field. They could also change out a faulty connector without having to replace the entire length of fiber or dig up a buried drop cable and have to replace it. This capability was a significant departure from standard practices in 2010.  We have since added All-In-One Core Alignment and Ribbon Splicers to our product portfolio, offering the same value proposition across all types of fiber connectivity and termination.

When the F1 was introduced, its appeal fell along the spectrum of technology users. New adopters and those looking for better methodology and faster overall performance saw value, while some hedged and felt either they didn’t need this sort of technology or that they could do it better manually. One late-to-the-market user remarked, What we are seeing right now is the cost of not having invested in these kinds of technologies sooner.

Flash forward five years to 2015 and the release of the KF4A AIO Active Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer, which replaced the F1. This second-generation fusion splicer has quickly become the industry standard for FTTx, Enterprise, and Data Center installers worldwide. The ease of use and the quick ramp-up time to mastering this technology are why the KF4A is looked to as the best solution to migrate copper/coax technicians into fiber technicians in less than a day’s training.

As we align with our Service Provider, Data Center, and Enterprise customers, we can create projects that enable cost savings to offset the investment with our Creative Asset Acquisition programs many times over.  

America Ilsintech’s rapid growth over the past three years can be attributed to multiple factors.  First is the shortage of trained fiber installers and the growing need to train the incoming workforce quickly to meet production installation rates. Second, we are getting the adoption of our AIO technology into the retiring end of the spectrum of users who struggle with their vision and the physical limitations that traditional fusion splicers present. Our gear has extended years of productivity into this senior technician class. Lastly, better workflow metrics and higher quality results reduce the “go back” calls associated with traditional fiber installation methods.

Using the metrics outlined in the opening paragraphs to judge if America Ilsintech’s innovative technology is a success, let’s take a look at our track record.

Have more people used our technology year over year? A resounding yes! Adoption rate and growth have outpaced the rest of the market, which was flat to declining in 2020. Our new customer growth is outpacing the industry. 

Does our technology provide any improvements over the currently accepted methodologies? Yes, the incorporation of our thermal stripper provides the industry’s best method to strip fiber cleanly and without damage vs. the currently accepted hand stripping process which can damage the fiber (undetected by the naked eye) and provide a poor-quality result.

Does the Ilsintech All-In-One fusion splicer enable faster splicing and connector terminations? Without question, our AIO technology has demonstrated that collective workforce results and installation metrics save time across the entire workforce, produce higher quality results, and reduce callbacks.

Interested in seeing our technology in action, click here: KF4A Splice On Connector

Our fusion splicers and connectors are currently deployed by some of the largest Tier 1 Service Providers, Enterprise, Oil and Gas, and Data Center users across the USA and Canada.

We invite you to reach out with any inquiries or schedule a field trial. America Ilsintech is proud to have the largest direct sales force dedicated to the sales and support of fusion splicers and connectors in the North American Market. Since we primarily sell fusion splicers and connectors, our sales team is 100% focused on these products alone, something our competitors cannot say. We have direct sales and manufacturer’s reps covering the USA and Canada. Email us at or find your sales rep to schedule a follow-up call and product demonstration.


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