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Products Header background imageWith the increasing need for high-speed connections, faster and more reliable enterprise and data center connections are essential.  At UCL Swift North America, we strive to continuously provide innovative and forward-thinking resources for fusion splicing technology that deliver easier terminations, improved productivity and reliable performance. From All-In-One fusion splicers that simplify field installations to splice-on connectors that can future-proof your network, UCL Swift NA has engineered solutions ideal for high-performance connections, simplified installations, and guaranteed bandwidth.

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Our comprehensive line of fusion splicers provide best-in-class optical performance that deliver easy and affordable installs  From All-In-One splicers that perform all 5 splicing functions in a single unit to our stand alone fusion splicers, SWIFT delivers advanced fiber terminations. 


Future-proof your network with the new OM5 LC splice-on connector, designed to support SWDM technology which can reduce fiber counts in optical transmission making it an excellent alternative for data center optimization.


High-performance fiber splices for enterprise require the ultimate precision tools for fiber cleaving. Our stand-alone fiber optic cleavers are available with a single fiber adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers. The simple user interface allows for easy operation and single-action capabilities to cleave and collect fiber shards.


Enterprise communications requires high speed, long-distance, and voluminous data transfers. These tools and accessory kits help you get the most out of your UCL Swift splicing equipment. 

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