In the days and weeks ahead, you may notice some visual changes to the America Ilsintech brand. Over the years, we have positioned ourselves as a company devoted to our standard of “High Precision Technology.” While we still firmly hold to this standard, we are transitioning to better align with the name change of our parent company “UCL SWIFT.” 

UCL SWIFT, formerly Ilsintech, was founded in 1982 as a high precision tools manufacturer and has been our parent company since 2008. To better align themselves with our product brand SWIFT, they recently underwent their own rebranding efforts. From the beginning, they have led and pioneered the processing of optical fiber including our patented All-In-One SWIFT fusion splicer product line. Their global network, which is inclusive of America Ilsintech, has developed and continues to innovate various products for processing optical fibers such as strippers, cleavers, multi-packs, core alignment splicers, clad alignment splicers, splice-on connectors (SOC) and many other related accessories.

In order to better demonstrate our connection to our parent company and the UCL SWIFT brand, our logo and messaging will be adjusting to incorporate them as a clear part of our own branding efforts by transitioning to America Ilsintech “A UCL SWIFT Company.” 

Over the next several months, follow along as we share more news and information about our parent company including their extensive list of intellectual property, their expansive global network, and their in-house manufacturing capabilities through vertical integration. 

Learn more about our parent company UCL Swift and their global presence at

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