Reducing Cost and Space- Splice On Connectors vs.
Pre-terminated FTTx Solutions

One of the main obstacles in the deployment of pre-terminated cabling systems for FTTH is the need to store the optical cable’s over-length somewhere along the path. This adds cost and space in the requirement of a slack storage box for each installation.

Ideally, the installer should perform a site survey before building the network between the Distribution cabinet and the Subscriber’s outlet. However, there are few cases where such a visit is possible because due to the rapid installation rates that service providers are demanding of their installation teams and contractors.

Most of the contractors deploying FTTx to Single Family homes are working in a just-in-time process, getting their work orders the evening before or morning of installation and arriving onsite to design a unique method for each property. With standard deployment processes in place SFU homeowners have a distaste for adding boxes to the side of their home, even more so in the garage. In Multi-Family properties, designs are typically done and distribution of services is done from a negotiated entry point with the building owner. With space at a premium, especially in Metro areas, building owners try to limit the footprint of any service and frown upon the need to take up space, especially to store fiber optic cables.

This is where the Fusion Splice-On-Connector FSOC technology comes into play. Launched years ago, in the United States and Asia, this technology consists of mounting a connector directly on the fiber at the end of the optical cable instead of using an over length pre-connectorized cable. Every cable is the exact length it needs to be, and no other boxes are required to store excess cable. This also reduces the number of parts and boxes required on each installation vehicle as a technician only needs fiber and connectors.

The technology to install splice on connectors has dramatically improved over the past 5 years and has enabled technicians who have been installing coax and copper services to quickly learn (4 hours of training) how install a fiber connector onto a fiber cable using the most preferred methodology in the fiber optic industry, the fusion splice.

Learn how you can save space time and money and deliver the most desired methodology to your customers by contacting us to explore how we can train and equip your team with the most state of the art solution at the most reasonable price points with the least possible impact on your day to day operations.

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