Even if we wanted to, there’s no turning back the clock on technology. If anything, its exponential growth whirls at the speed of light. And as we become more reliant and accustomed to the multitude of gadgets and conveniences that come with advancements, the faster and more dependable we expect it. Optical fiber solutions give people what they desire, but they can’t do it independently. Fibers can’t fuse, install or repair themselves. Enter powerful tools like skilled technicians and devices such as ribbon splicers.

As the name implies, an optical fiber fusion splicer seamlessly splices two pieces of glass optical fibers together. When successfully fused, light passes from one end of the fiber to the other. Optical fiber fusion is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Broken or damaged fibers
  • Termination of the fiber using a pigtail
  • Splice on connector (SOC)
  • Lengthening the fiber optic cable to reach an endpoint in your long-haul network.

Knowing how crucial optical fiber splicing is to everyone these days, whether they realize it or not, accomplishing the task is more critical than ever. That’s why we celebrate the ribbon splicer and those who know how to use it.
But, Wait! What is Ribbon Fiber Cabler?

Ribbon fiber optic cable is a typical fiber optic cable. Ribbon fiber is a convenient solution for space and weight problems, arranged in a coasted side-by-side strip. These cables are commonly used in the urban construction of circle trank cable networks. Its large capacity and multi-core features facilitate the jumper box crossing task.

Ribbon Splicers for Ribbon Fiber Optics

The ribbon splicer is also known as mass fusion splicers because it can splice the entire cable ribbons simultaneously, saving time and money. This process requires a sophisticated tool like UCL Swift’s KR12A and KR12, with the KR12A All-In-One able to strip, cleave, clean, splice and protect in a single unit. Efficient and reliable tools ensure businesses run at maximum capacity.

KR12A Splicer
All-In-One Ribbon Splicer

The Swift KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Splicer offers a strong option for in-field fiber splices that delivers superior optical performance and improved productivity. Integrated with 5 functions in one unit, the KR12A can strip, clean, cleave, splice and protect in less time and with better results. In addition, the rotating blade life can handle up to 75,000 fiber splices and unit maintenance can be achieved through an online connection.

KR12 Splicer
Compact Ribbon Splicer

The Swift KR12 Ribbon Splicer is ideal for campus, building, and datacenter backbone applications where high fiber counts are required. With a compact, light, rugged design and a long-life battery, the KR12 provides resistance to shock, dust, and water, and delivers exceptional performance.

National Ribbon Splicing Day 2021

December 12 is National Ribbon Splicing Day. On it, we recognize the fantastic work that fiber technicians do for us and our infrastructure. Fiber affects everything we use — from cable and broadband networks to street lights and data centers. We want to showcase all the new and existing fiber technology to celebrate.

Celebrate National Ribbon Splicing Day by sharing your favorite tips, tricks and tools when it comes to splicing fiber. Showcase the exciting projects you’re working on. Share any advice you may have for those who are just starting out in the fiber industry.

Plus, you can celebrate with some great deals on ribbon fusion splicers from UCL Swift. Get $2,000 off their KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Fusion Splicer, $900 off their KR12 Ribbon Splicer and 5% off all accessories for a limited time. Hurry, these offers are only available December 6-17! 

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