Time to get the right equipment you need. Time to train technicians on proper use of the products they use day in and day out. Time to implement new capital assets into the field. Time to save headaches on installation. Time to move on to the next splice/connector/project instead of returning to do-overs from splicing inefficiencies. And, of course, it is about TIME you let America Ilsintech demonstrate their commitment to supporting your Fusion Splicer and Connector purchase starting Day 1!

America Ilsintech operates fully out of our North American Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Our headquarters office is consistently stocked with the splicers, connectors, and fiber accessories you need, when you need them. 98% of our shipments happen within 48 hours of receipt of order. Of course, we are not discouraging you from planning (LOL!), but we have built a reputation of being there to support your needs when they arise.

Offering short lead times in products is not the only way we save you time. When a SWIFT Fusion Splicer ships from our Dallas facility, we are available to provide training on the use of the product. This training includes registering, cleaning, calibrating, settings and applications. It also includes information about warranty support and service. America Ilsintech views training as a key time-saving component for two reasons. First, it ensures proper user operation and familiarity with the product, reducing errors and improving installation times. The second reason is a little more financial in nature. We want to ensure that your investment gets into a production environment as soon as possible. This contributes to a faster ROI and gets SWIFT products working for you. Veteran technicians learned splicing over many years of practice. With America Ilsintech SWIFT All-In-One splicers, a rookie can contribute to company profitability on his first day on the job.

And we are so committed to saving you time, we built it into every SWIFT All-In-One splicer we sell. Our goal is to provide customers a family of products with improved performance, quality and efficiency. Efficiency is all about time. The All-In-One splicers offer faster installation using a thermal stripper and a repeatable process that reduces both time and human error while at the same time ensuring high quality results.

Lastly, all of OUR TIME at America Ilsintech is about service. Servicing our products and our customers so that they can save time and energy. Our technical sales team is dedicated to support for Splicers and Connectors.

  • We are not focused on larger ticket items like Fiber Optic Cable.
  • We are not focused on application support for OSP Enclosures.
  • We are not dealing with conflict from multiple corporate divisions wanting attention for their markets or product lines.

From our technical engineers to our receptionist, we are proudly working to keep you and your team equipped, trained, and profitable with our performance-driven fusion splicers and fusion splice-on connectors (FSOC). This is what we do.

So to America Ilsintech…It’s VERY MUCH about time!

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