National Ribbon Splicing Day

December 12

What Is National Ribbon Splicing Day?

National Ribbon Splicing Day celebrates the fiber optics industry and the amazing work fiber technicians do daily to improve our infrastructure. Fiber affects everything we use — from cable and broadband networks to streetlights and data centers. On this day, UCL Swift NA showcases available new and exciting fiber technology.

How Can I Celebrate?

Anyone can celebrate National Ribbon Splicing Day by sharing their favorite tips, tricks and tools when it comes to splicing fiber, showcasing their current interesting projects or giving advice to those starting out in the fiber industry.

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The Swift KR12A features All In One workability

KR12A Splicer

All-In-One Ribbon Splicer

The Swift KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Splicer offers a strong option for in-field fiber splices that delivers superior optical performance and improved productivity. Integrated with 5 functions in one unit, the KR12A can strip, clean, cleave, splice and protect in less time and with better results.  In addition, the rotating blade life can handle up to 75,000 fiber splices and unit maintenance can be achieved through an online connection. 


KR12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer by America Ilsintech

KR12 Splicer 

Compact Ribbon Splicer

The Swift KR12 Ribbon Splicer is ideal for campus, building and data center backbone applications where high fiber counts are required. With a compact, light, rugged design and a long-life battery, the KR12 provides resistance to shock, dust, and water, and delivers exceptional optimal performance.


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