All-In-One Ideal for Easier Fiber Optic Terminations

 America Ilsintech is pleased to announce the launch of four new fusion splicers to their Swift product line: the K33, K33A, KR12 and the KR12A. These new additions to the Swift product line are designed to further facilitate high-performance connections, simplified installations, and guaranteed bandwidth. Our primary goal is to continue to make it easier to install and terminate fiber optics without compromising quality or performance. By doing so, we are playing our part to enable the fiber optic industry to expand and grow.

All four of these new splicers are backed by America Ilsintech’s service guarantee and are ready for shipment out of their Dallas facility immediately. The K33, K33A, KR12 and KR12A will be on display and available for demo at the BICSI Winter Conference in Tampa, Florida from February 9 – 13.  And if you can’t make it to the Conference, fill out the form below and we will schedule an onsite free demo in your office.


The new Swift K33A is a premium IPAAs All In One Core Alignment splicer. The K33A offers Ilsintech’s exclusive All In One system that provides the best workability, integration 5 functions into one unit (striping, cleaning,, cleaving, splicing, and protecting). This compact and rugged fiber splicer is ideal for medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx. With a rotating blade that can allow up to 75,000 cleaves, the K33A combines long-lasting durability with high precision performance.


The new Swift KR12A is an All In One Ribbon Splicer that offers a strong option for in-field fiber splices delivering superior optical performance and improved productivity. Integrated with 5 functions in one unit, the KR12A can strip, clean, cleave, splice and protect in less time and with better results. Additionally, the rotating blade life can handle up to 75,000 fiber splices and unit maintenance can be achieved through an online connection.     


Introducing the new Swift K33, an IPAAS Core Alignment Splicer that offers improved productivity via a dual heater system. This stand alone core alignment splicer is ideal for medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx. With a compact, light, rugged design and a long life battery, the K33 delivers high precision performance with electrode life up to 10,000 splices. This new addition to the Swift family of splicers provides the lowest splice loss and rotating blade life up to 75,000 fibers.


America Ilsintech’s Swift KR12 Ribbon Splicer offers the rugged durability that all Swift splicers are known for plus the improved productivity of a dual heater system. This splicer is ideal for campus, building and data center backbone applications where high fiber counts are required. With a compact, light, rugged design and a long life battery, the KR12 provides resistance to shock, dust, and water, and delivers exceptional optimal performance.

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