High performance fiber splices require the ultimate precision tool for fiber cleaving, such as the CI-03RT. UCL Swift’s stand-alone fiber optic cleavers are available with a single fiber adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers. The simple user interface allows for easy operation and single-action capabilities cleave and collect fiber shards with one device.

  • Auto-rotating blade
  • Oil damper system
  • Ribbon fiber cleaving
  • Single-action (fully automatic) for cleaving and collecting fiber chips
  • 75,000 cleaves per blade
Bare Fiber Diameter


Coating Diameter

250 ~ 900µm

Cleave Angle

Typical 0.5˚

Blade Life Time

75,000 fibers

Applicable Splicer

KR7, KR12

Cleave Length – Universal Holder


Cleave Length – Exchange Holder

Ribbon 10mm

Dimensions 58×58×50mm
Weight 244g
Chip-Box O
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