Having an all-inclusive cleaning kit for fusion splicing components is about more than simplifying your process. It’s about saving time and money by ensuring maximum-efficiency fiber optic connectivity from the start.

The CK-02 provides flexibility according to application. There are many moving parts in fiber optics, and this kit is designed to address any type of problem that could arise, including equipment preparation, fiber preparation, connector end face cleanliness and in-bulkhead contamination.

  • Used for maintenance and cleaning of Swift splicers
  • Non-alcohol cleaning solution allows air shipment with no restrictions
  • The CK-20 provides cleaner and wipes for fiber & connector preparation.
  • Also provides a wet-cleaning option for stubborn debris.
  • It also includes an IBC (In Bulkhead Cleaner) that cleans connectors tip & out-of-reach connectors inside the adapter bulkhead. 
      Bag, 9x8x3 zippered                    
  1     Swabs, package of 25
  1    AquaKleen cleaner, 2 fl oz bottle
  1    FiberKleen wipes, pk of 50 wipes
     Instruction sheet
     Zipper pull
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