Hardened Fiber Optic Connector

Hardened Fusion Splice-On Connector

Fully Compatible OptiTap® Style Hardened Solution

The Swift HFSOC provides the highest quality standards-based field-installable connector for hardened optical applications. This field-installable hardened solution is ideal for both new installations and emergency repairs and eliminates inventoried products in warehouses and on tech vehicles, reducing SKU’s and improving cash flow. The elimination of slack storage boxes reduces slack storage challenges and provides neatly organized cables on the pole that use only the cable you need.

5 applicable cables: 5.8 mm drop cable, 5.0 mm crop cable, 5.4 x 3.0 mm ROC drop cable, 8.1 x 4.5 mm SST drop cable

Insertion LossMaximum≤0.3dB
Return LossMinimum>60dB (APC)


Thermal age testing85°C, 7 days 
 Thermal cycle test-40°C to +75°C, 7 days
Humidity aging test75°C, 95% RH, 7 days, measurements every 6 hrs min.
Humidity/Condensation cycling test-10°C to +65°C. 90% ~ 100% RH, 7 days
Dry-out step24 hrs @ 75°C, uncontrolled humidity
Post-condensation thermal cycle test-40°C to +75°C, 7 days
Vibration test10 ~ 55 Hz, 45 Hz/min, 2 hours @ amplitude of 1.5mm X/Y/Z axis
Water resistanceNo water intrusion after 7 days, 10 ft water head
Flex test8 flex cycles @ ±90°C, 4.5 kgf (-10 lbf) load, -30°C and 40°C
Flex test10 torsion cycles @±90°C, -30°C and 40°C, twist 1 meter back
Proof testPlug/cap straight pull (0°), 20 kgf (44 lbf), 10 minutes
Plug/adapter straight pull (0°), 11.3 kgf (25 lbf), 60 seconds
Plug adapter side pull (90°), 6.8 kgf (15 lbf), 60 seconds 
Transmission with applied tensile load0°C,  90°C, 135°C respectively, 4.5 kgf, 30 minutes 
Impact5m drop 3 axes on rigid flat surface 
Durability50 matings
Seal under load7 days @ 23°C, 10 ft water head, 2.5 lb ~ 90°, no damage 
DESCRIPTION   PART NUMBER                    
SC/APC hardened splice-on connector kitHDC-SM-SC/APC-CG*

*Requires KF4A-HDC Kit and associated accessories

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