HDCFT Accessory Kit

HDCFT Accessory Kit

The UCL Swift HDCFT Accessory Kit* includes all the tools necessary to prepare and terminate a UCL Swift HDC fusion splice-on connector onto a flat 8.1mm X 4.5mm drop cable and a ROC® style drop cable. Optional holders are available for other cable types.

* Accessory kit required to install HDC Connector; Sold separately from splicer

Item Description HDCFT-01 HDCFT-02
HDC-Heater External heater for weatherproof shrink tube X X
HT-5133F2 Crimp tool for HDC X X
FOD-2000 Flat drop cable slitter X  
SL-8145/5020/5.0 Cable jacket slitter   X
RST-8514 Toner wire slitter X X
HDC-DCG Drop cable snap arm* X X
ROC-900 ROC® drop cable holder X X
SST-900L SST(8145) drop cable holder X X
HS-SC/FC SC/FC connector holder X X
(1) Permanent marker & utility bag X X

*To order the right drop cable snap arm for your K33A-HDC or KF4A-HDC splicer, please notate which splicer you have upon ordering.

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