Optical Fiber Enclosure

Optical Fiber Closure

UCL Swift’s Optical Fiber Closure utilizes a high-strength engineering plastic shell that can endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes. The use of reusable components to open seal in order to ensure a good airtight waterproof performance. The Optical Fiber Closure does not require special tools and is easy to install and open the duplicate.

Straight, branch and mid-span joint available

The Optical Fiber Closure is an enclosure that serves as an optical termination point between the optical distribution cable and the optical drop cable. It is designed to support an aerial fiber access network, especially FTTH. This aerial closure consists of two separate compartments, a distribution cable splice section and a drop termination section. The distribution cable splice section houses the fiber splices and stores buffer tube or ribbon fiber slack base, and the drop termination section accommodates 1:8 splitter and 8 drop cables.  It can be extended up to 1:16 splitter and 16 drop cables.

 Key Features 

  • 4 ports for distribution cable and 16 ports for drop cable
  • 1×8 PLC splitter (up to 1×16 PLC splitter) can be installed inside
  • In-line aerial closure for outdoor use
  • UV proof, water proof, anti-aging
  • Compact in design, light weight


  • Accommodation for splice, splitter and connector
  • Ideal for FTTH
  • Entry port: Max. 8
  • Max capacity: 576 core fiber optic splice closure
  • Diameter of cable: Ø3 ~ Ø19
  • Able to be fixed individually using Swift SOC
  • Over 90° opening angle tray
  • Sealing type: silicon gasket
  • Protection grade: IP 68

Optical Terminal Panel Installation

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