IRS-01 Optical Ribbon Splitter

IRS-01 Optical Ribbon Splitter

The Swift IRS-01 Ribbon Splitter is designed to separate 4-, 6-, 8-,12-, 24- and 36-fiber to accommodate all your ribbon splitting needs. The IRS-01 splits without damaging other fibers and can operate mid-span or at the cable end. It features multiple slots that allow separating the ribbon into varying fiber counts of 2/2, 2/4, 2/6, 4/4, 2/10, 4/8, 6/6, 12/12 and 12/24. This ribbon splitter is also bi-directional allowing ribbons to be pulled through the slider in either direction and can split a ribbon up to a length of 0.5 m (20 in) before cleaning is necessary.

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