Fiber Optic Termination Panel

Optical Termination Panel

The Optical Termination Panel by UCL Swift allows termination, splicing, storage and management of optical fibers.  This helps to contain and employ a fiber management system such that all fibers are properly routed and secured. All points in the fiber path maintain a minimum bending radius of 30 mm. The box is sturdy and impact-resistant against damage during placing or installation operations.

  • 3 ports for distribution cable and 8 ports for drop cable
  • 1×4 ~ 1×16 PLC splitter (2×4 ~ 2×16) can be installed inside
  • Wall/pole mountable box for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV proof, water proof, anti-aging
  • Compact in design, light weight


  • Straight, branch and mid-span joint available
  • Accommodation for splice, splitter and connector
  • Entry port: 2/3/4 inlet port (diameter of cable: Max. ∅16)
  • Subscriber port: up to 32
  • Accommodating lead-in optical cables and regular optical cables
  • Able to be fixed individually using Swift SOC
  • Easy to extend
  • Resistant to rain: 3.8 L / min. (1 hr/ axis, total 3 hrs.)
  • Accommodating an optical splitter: ax. 2×32
  • Protection class: IP65

Optical Fiber Installation

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