ST Fiber Optic Connector

ST Splice-On Connector

The weak point of other fusion splice-on connectors occurs when the shock absorber of the stop ring is sleeved by heat shrink after fusion splicing. Typically, if the ferrule fiber, primary fiber, and the ferrule take a load toward the primary fiber, the fiber can be bent as shown in the diagrams below – possibly causing a disconnection of the fiber. To resolve this problem, the UCL Swift fiber optic splice-on connectors, such as the ST Splice-On Connector, uses the ferrule to disperse this transformation and prevent fiber optic disconnect.


  • In accordance with IEC61754-13, KS C6970(F01), JIS C5970(F01)
  • Corresponding Telcordia GR-326-core
  • Possible to directly splice with drop cable & indoor cable
  • Splice point is inside of connector, no need for extra splice fixtures
  • Enhanced high quality with improved optical features (Insertion Loss & Return Loss)
  • Enhanced & improved high tensile strength (exceeding 60N)
  • Four parts can easily be assembled after splicing by one-touch push-pull system
  • Satisfy Vertical Burning Test, materials compliant with UL94V-0
  • Boot Color: SM-UPC (Blue), SM-APC (Green), MM (Beige)


  • Medium and long range optical transmission circuit, LAN, CATV, FA, OA
  • PC transmission system, measuring tools, etc.
  • FTTx Network
Tensile >60 newtons >60 newtons >60 newtons
Return Loss >50dB >60dB >30dB
Insertion Loss Average <0.15dB (max <0.30dB) Average <0.15dB (max <0.30dB) Average <0.15dB (max <0.30dB)


ST Fusion Splice Connector Structure

ST-SM-UPC-09 Singlemode, UPC, 900 micron
ST-SM-UPC-20/30 Singlemode, UPC, 2mm and 3mm
ST-SM-APC-09 Singlemode, APC, 900 micron
ST-SM-APC-20/30 Singlemode, APC, 2mm and 3mm
ST-OM1-UPC-09 Multimode, OM1, UPC, 900 micron
ST-OM1-UPC-20/30 Multimode, OM1, UPC, 2mm and 3mm
ST-OM2-UPC-09 Multimode, OM2, UPC, 900 micron
ST-OM2-UPC-20/30 Multimode, OM2, UPC, 2mm and 3mm
ST-OM3-UPC-09 Multimode, OM3, UPC, 900 micron
ST-OM3-UPC-20/30 Multimode, OM3, UPC, 2mm and 3mm
ST-OM4-UPC-09 Multimode, OM4, UPC, 900 micron
ST-OM4-UPC-20/30 Multimode, OM4, UPC, 2mm and 3mm

*Above part number is for a simplex connector. For a duplex connector, substitute the first “S” with “D” in the part number.

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