Swift Test Kits


The Swift Test product line from UCL Swift consists of six Fiber Optic Test Equipment Kits, designed to accommodate both your budget and network testing requirements for data center, enterprise and LAN applications. Our handheld test kits can provide expedited testing for your physical layer connectivity infrastructures with accuracy and ease.

  • Available in 6 different configurations:
    TEK-1 Premium MM & SM
    TEK-2 Advanced MM & SM
    TEK-3 Basic MM
    TEK-4 Basic SM
    TEK-5 Advanced MM
    TEK-6 Advanced SM
  • Ideal for testing requirements for datacenter, enterprise and LAN applications
  • Includes SWIFT-TRACK that stores up to 5,000 readings and can be downloaded for documentation reports generated in various formats
  • SWIFT-TRACK library also includes various templates that are available online and custom templates are easily configured

*This kit description is for the TEK-1 ONLY. For kit descriptions of TEK-2 – TEK-6, see here.

OPM1    Optical power meter SC adapter multimode or singlemode testing (comes with USB to Mini “B” data port cable) batteries included
LSMM   1  LED light source, multimode, dual 850/1300nm, SC adapter (interchangeable), batteries included
LSSM   1 Laser light source, singlemode, dual 1310/1550nm, SC adapter (interchangeable), batteries included
CCT1   1 Carrying case for testers and accessories 17” X 12” X 4”
   LC duplex and SC duplex couplers for testing
  Recharger and 4 rechargeable CB2 batteries
PSD1   DC power supply for light sources
LSAL   LC light source adapter (interchangeable)
  Power meter adapter LC
  LC loopback for testing and calibration, singlemode blue, hard body, retractable door and lanyard
LBTM   LC loopback for testing and calibration, multimode black, hard body, retractable door and lanyard
VFF1   1mW (5km) pen shape visual fault finder with standard 2.5mm universal adapter and protective case for carrying on belt
  2.5mm to 1.25mm fiber optical adapter for visual fault finder
  400X handheld fiber optic inspection microscope with 2.5mm & 1.25mm adapters for LC/SC/ST/FC/MU connectors and protective carrying case
  “SWIFT TRACK” data testing documentation software (download from our website)
Multi-Box (tool set) Blue
  Accessory storage case (holds spare batteries, couplers, adapters and lens)
BAA1   “AA” batteries
BAAA   “AAA” batteries
F201CCE01A1S3F   LC-LC/LC-SC 3 foot duplex jumper riser 2.0mm ZIP aqua OM4
F202CCC01Y1S3F   LC-LC/LC-SC 3 foot duplex jumper riser 2.0mm ZIP yellow OS2
F10121E01A1S3F   Simplex SC/LC 3 foot simplex jumper riser 2.0mm aqua OM4
F10222C01Y1S3F   Simplex SC/LC 3 foot simplex jumper riser 2.0mm yellow OS2
  1 (6-pack)  CR2 batteries non-rechargeable (orange in color)
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