America Ilsintech VFL Module


Visual Fault Locator for SWIFT KF4A Fusion Splicer

The Visual Fault Locator or VFL Module utilizes a 650nm red laser to locate and visibly display any failure points throughout the cable. The ferrule is inserted into the VFL port while it’s active and the red laser is projected through the connector ferrule into the fiber, highlighting any faulty areas in a bright red.  This add-on module for the KF4A can be purchased separately and installed in the field or purchased with the fiber optic fusion splicer, part number KF4AV.

  • Internally-installed and powered 650 nanometer red laser provides VFL capability
  • VFL is Visual Fault Locator, allowing a visual check of the splicer to check the quality
  • Inserting the ferrule of the connector (2.5 mm comes standard) into the VFL port when active allows red laser VFL source to be projected through the connector ferrule into the fiber. A failure point (i.e. break) will allow the light to “leak” out and show as a red-highlighted area
  • The VFL has a 2.5mm interface, and can operate in continuous or pulse mode. The VFL can be activated through an easy shortcut key on the KF4A control panel.Perfect Solution with Swift KF4A and Swift Connector
An Easy Upgrade for your KF4A Fusion Splicer
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