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For most people, COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. December 2019 was the unrealized calm before the storm, and since then, as COVID continues to run its course throughout our society, little if any part of our daily life remains unaffected. 


America Ilsintech supplies innovative fiber optic connectivity solutions to internet service providers, Telco’s and Cable providers, electric and water utilities, data centers, enterprise customers, mining, oil, and gas providers. COVID has dramatically forced most of these entities to quickly ramp up their fiber presence to support the workforce shift from office/field based to a remote home-based workforce. As internet providers scrambled to bring more bandwidth from large office buildings to individual residences, the demand for fiber optic gear and the technicians to install it increased rapidly. This demand put a strain on many manufacturers whose distant supply chains watched as deliveries ground to a halt and delays seemed never-ending.


The surge of fiber connectivity demand combined with the impact of COVID on workforces in countries worldwide caused shortages of the products needed to keep up with the service providers’ demand. Fiber optic cables were in high demand, and delivery on some types is 26 weeks or more. The distribution boxes, where cables are terminated, have seen the same effect. Other components required are pre-connectorized cables and fiber slack boxes. These cables have the connectors already installed on them, come in fixed lengths, and need to be simply plugged in. But due to their fixed length, there is often left-over cable, which is unsightly and needs to be put in another box to be protected and organized, especially at the side of a house.


Since 2008 America Ilsintech has been supplying an innovative solution that enables technicians to craft custom length fiber optic cables in the field to the exact length needed using the most widely accepted, best practice technology and the same method used to produce factory-made, pre-connectorized fiber optic cables. That process uses a fusion splicer that melts the fiber optic cable to the connector on the job site. Our innovative fusion splicer technology enables fiber technicians to provide top-quality, custom length cables quickly, reducing the need for extensive inventories of pre-connectorized cables and boxes on their truck. Using multiple pre-connectorized components for fiber optic installation leaves a network vulnerable to supply chain delays and inventory outages, hindering installations. COVID impacted many companies in just this fashion.


Many service providers realized that relying on a pre-connectorized solution made them dependent on multiple vendors and left them scrambling to look for alternative inter-operable components, which can be quite challenging. Many providers explored our America Ilsintech solution and quickly realized they could take back control of their deployment capabilities by switching to field-installable splice on connectors and reducing the components needed for both an installation and the required gear on each technician’s van. The ease of use of our KF4A All-In-One (AIO) fusion splicer enables copper/coax technicians who have never worked with fiber before to be fully trained in a matter of hours. In this scenario, a technician needs only a box of fiber optic cable and a box of connectors to complete their installations, which frees up truck space and reduces the cost associated with all the truck’s pre-connectorized inventory and in the warehouse. The reduction in product inventory alone offsets the cost of the fusion splicer in a matter of months.


Give us a call today at 972-556-0916 to explore how America Ilsintech can help your company become better positioned and more self-reliant to address your fiber connectivity needs

Written By Dave Schuman

Dave Schuman is the Vice President of Service Provider Markets at America Ilsintech based in Carrollton, TX. America Ilsintech brings innovative solutions to Service Providers in the US and Canada, helping them to deliver high speed fiber optic connectivity solutions to workforces large and small on time and within budget. 


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