How Technology Is Increasing FTTx Deployment Speed and Quality

Today’s telecommunications hot topics include supply chain delays and essential workforce labor shortages. The influx of government funding to increase the country’s internet infrastructure has created a surplus of work when the baby boomer pool of skilled fiber optic technicians is retiring in large numbers. This mass exodus has formed a shortage of qualified and trained workers at large and small network service providers.

To overcome skill deficiencies and speed with labor loss, companies are implementing technology. Amazon uses robots in their facilities that perform repetitive tasks, and restaurants and bars employ iPads for customers to enter their orders and pay. Many businesses are deploying biometrics to offset the use of security personnel. All of these solutions are increasing the workforce output with technology that, in most cases, is lower priced over time than the current methods.

The UCL Swift Technology Solution

The UCL Swift All-In-One fusion splicer platform has the most innovative technology built into a single tool on today’s market. The platform is increasing speed, and quality among work crews like no other fusion splicer product has ever done.

Let’s look at how the All-In-One is significantly better than the traditional splicing solutions on the market today.

10 Ways All-In-Ones Make Fusion Splicing Better

  1. The use of smart holder technology provides consistent fiber handling skills for technicians who help normalize work speeds across the labor force. This technology also reduces the number of steps needed to prep the fiber before fusion splicing.
  2. The built-on thermal stripper quickly and effortlessly removes the outer fiber jacket and the acrylate coating on the fiber without damaging or breaking the fiber. 
  3. Onboard cleaning stations save time and steps. Prepping the fiber enables technicians to reduce the workspace needed to efficiently and quickly clean newly stripped fiber.
  4. Smart holder technology yields the truest cleave angles every time. The self-rotating blade is good for 100K cleaves, and the smart holder fits each time securely, providing consistency not seen in other competitors cleaving systems.
  5. The innovative fusion chamber design enables extended electrode life. Our KF4A electrodes are suitable for 38K splices, and each kit comes with an extra set eliminating the need for new electrodes for many years.
  6. A built-in heater oven can accommodate shrink sleeves for straight splices and connectors, enabling the technician to create customized settings for different operating conditions, altitudes and temperatures.
  7. Optional built-in VFL/Power Meter module eliminates the need for an external tool. The built-in VFL lets technicians use the convenient port on the rear of the machine to test a splice or connector to make sure it passes light. The Power Meter lets a technician use a built-in port to measure the optical signal strength and measure the loss associated with a newly installed connector.
  8. Our KF4A-HDC enables technicians to build onsite custom hardened connectors used in Corning, Channel and CommScope terminals.  
  9. Best 3-year warranty in the business includes 2 free maintenance/cleaning/software updates to keep your machine up to date and running efficiently.
  10. Free onsite simplified fiber training. We educate your technicians on fiber basics and how to use their new gear.

If you are deploying fiber today or soon, give us a call to explore why our solution is quickly becoming the most requested fusion splicer technology today.  Copper/Coax technicians can evolve into fiber technicians in half a day’s training.

We stock and service gear from our Carrollton, TX location. Call us for an onsite demo or field trial. 

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