Learning to Run Our Business Smarter

If we think back to this time last year, the United States was on the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic erupting and completely changing our daily lives. In February 2020 there were a lot of unknowns and speculation about what the next weeks or months would hold. For many, we believed this would be a short-lived issue and that most of our normalcy would return by summer. 

Many thought operations would only change for a small period of time, and that our day to day business operations would be relatively unaffected. While every business had to adapt and make changes, most of us didn’t foresee those “temporary” changes becoming the new normal.  

For America Ilsintech, we have spent the last year critically evaluating how we do business in the age of COVID-19. From adjusted supply chains and material shortages to how we provide customer service, we were able to pivot and adjust in a way that was safe and logical for our present world.

An element of our operations that both our team and our customers enjoy, is the hands-on, live, in-person demonstrations of our products. These demonstrations are crucial to helping our customers understand the best use and functionality of each product. Since these types of activities are no longer possible, we, like many, have moved to a virtual experience. We have written blogs, created YouTube videos and even built an outdoor demo trailer, all to get our product information to our clients in real time. 

Another facet of our industry that is now virtual is trade shows. While we loved participating in large trade shows across the country and connecting with countless people in person, we know that will not be a reality again for a while. However, we are pleased to still be able to connect with customers and partners through virtual events. These smaller online conferences and webinars open the door for more one-on-one attention and still allow us to showcase our product in an engaging way. We are excited to still participate in BICSI this year and launch our new product, the OM5 LC Splice-on Connector. Be sure to stop by our virtual booth if you are attending. 

We know we can’t predict the future and we don’t know what this year will hold. Whether we continue in a completely virtual world, we go back to more in-person interactions, or somewhere in between, America Ilsintech is dedicated to rising above the challenges placed before us and do everything we can to continue to serve our customers with excellence. 

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