We are proud to announce that we are currently stocking and shipping our factory-made SST-style 8.1 x 4.5mm flat drop cable in North America. We will be stocking a single-fiber and two-fiber solution.

Though most of us are returning to a pre-COVID-19 lifestyle, some are continuing their newly adopted manner of living.  Prior to COVID-19, working from home was a benefit only a few occupations and industries supported. This changed dramatically as the pandemic spanned months and then years. As a result, working virtually has become commonplace for a significant percentage of the population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 2019 to 2021, the number of individuals logging in outside the office tripled from 5.7% to 17.9%. Video conferencing, email, and chats now dominate the workday from our home offices. The bandwidth that was once only required of your company’s local area network is now required in residences across America and the globe. Your home’s internet connection must also support entertainment, including program streaming, real-time gaming, IP-based telephony, etc. concurrently with work-related applications. This increased demand has demonstrated the importance of reliable and fast internet connections for the home. New houses and multiple dwelling units must be connected to the internet with a connection capable of supporting today’s but tomorrow’s bandwidth requirements.  

As a result, fiber optic cable, specifically single-mode fiber optic cable, has become the media of choice for cable and internet service providers, often referred to as MSOs (Multiple Service Operators). Fiber optic cables offer increased distances and bandwidth over copper cables. Fiber optic cables are lighter, smaller and less impacted by environmental conditions and electrical interference. In addition to new residential construction, fiber optic cables are also installed alongside aging copper-based systems in cities and towns across America.

As Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments become commonplace, UCL Swift has been on the forward edge of connectivity solutions with our AIO (All-In-One) fusion splicers and FSOCs (Fusion Splice-On Connectors), enabling large and small service providers the ability to quickly connect their subscribers with the best field mating solution in the industry. By utilizing our Swift  HDC Opti-Tap compatible connectors, service providers and their contractors now have the freedom to create low-cost custom drop cable lengths in the field versus purchasing and inventorying expensive pre-connectorized drop cable assemblies. As a result of the Swift HDC Opti-Tap connector’s success, our customers asked for a drop cable solution. We are proud to announce that we are currently stocking and shipping our factory-made SST-style 8.1 x 4.5mm flat drop cable in North America. We will be stocking a single-fiber and two-fiber solution.

The drop cable is gel-free, offers a UV-resistant HDPE jacket, and includes internal strength members permitting self-supporting aerial installations. An optional toning conductor can be added for underground conduit applications. The UCL Swift FX solution enables a robust FTTH solution that installs easily and quickly. Whether it is new construction or dropping fiber optic links from existing infrastructure, the Swift FX solution delivers the performance required by the service provider and the flexibility desired by contractors. Terminations are made using a UCL Swift KF4A HDC fusion splicer designed specifically to splice its hardened connector to the drop cable

UCL Swift has provided the highest-quality fusion splicers, splice-on connectors, and assemblies for years. Our dedication to quality and customer support has helped us become a fusion splicing fiber optic technology leader. It is with this same level of commitment that we now offer our Swift FX FTTH solution. For more information, visit the UCL Swift website or inquire via the following email: SwiftFX@uclswiftna.com


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