A Breakdown of UCL SWIFT’s Global Infrastructure

America Ilsintech has always wanted to position ourselves as a company devoted to our standard of “High Precision Technology.” While we still firmly hold to this standard, as you may have seen in previous blogs and posts on Linkedin, we are transitioning to better align with the name change of our parent company “UCL SWIFT”. Throughout this change we want to inform our faithful and valued customers who our parent company is and how we at America Ilsintech fit into their infrastructure. 

Our parent company, UCL SWIFT (formerly Ilsintech), is a global corporation. They are headquartered in South Korea, but have different divisions all over the world including Asia, Europe, Africa and the US. These divisions were put into place so that no matter where you are in the world, the product, service, and support you’ve come to expect from Ilsintech are the same. Despite having such a vast global infrastructure, UCL SWIFT is kept local by regional support managers who know their specific area and understand the challenges and economic pressures that their local area undergoes, including us at America Ilsintech!  We are proud of our local presence, and proud to be supported by a headquarters that believes in innovation, and a network of expert professionals across the country. 

UCL SWIFT is known for their fast customer service and will continue to serve the industry with leading-edge technology products as a total solution provider in the optical fiber industry around the world.

Learn more about our parent company UCL SWIFT and their global presence at uclswift.com

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