UCL SWIFT’s In-house Manufacturing and Vertical Integration 

If you have been following along with America Ilsintech over the last few months, you will have noticed our transition to become better aligned with our parent company UCL Swift. As we have made this transition, it is important to us that our customers understand more about UCL Swift and how they have helped make us the high precision technology company we are today. We have discussed the history and background of UCL Swift as well as our global infrastructure to help you better understand company values and organizational structure. Another important uniqueness and value proposition is UCL Swift’s in-house manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration. 

While other manufacturers divide processes among multiple suppliers, facilities and countries, UCL Swift is highly focused on the vertical integration of components and processes within our Daejeon, South Korea and Majalengka, Indonesia locations. These facilities fall into two main categories, equipment and fiber.

Our Daejeon, South Korea facility houses Global Research and Development operations, precision machine work and fusion splicer manufacturing. This technology advanced R&D facility is responsible for all global product lines. This ensures consistent industry Quality Control standards, as well as our own stringent specifications, are being met. Additionally, this methodology provides consistency among products that leads to a systemic approach to user experience. Once designed and approved, products are then moved into manufacturing.

Daejeon manufacturing consists of precision molding and machine work that includes fusion splicer housing components, bumpers, electrodes, cleaver housings, cleaver blades, carry cases, etc. It also includes the manufacture of transformers, robotic population of board level components, battery assemblies, software and firmware development and qualification facilities such as environmental chambers. In addition to products familiar to Enterprise/Data Center and Broadband Market customers, UCL Swift also utilizes its precision machining for specialty components for the South Korean Military. When a product leaves our South Korea facility, it is 90-100% made in Korea depending on the particular product. 

Our Majalengka, Indonesia facility manufactures a broad range of fiber components including fusion splice-on connectors, fiber optic cable assemblies, splitters and enclosures. This facility has in-house capability to mold and machine connector ferrules, injection mold connector housings/boots/enclosures, extrude buffering and jacketing over fiber for use in assemblies, and provide qualification testing to assure customer needs and industry standards are met.

While it may seem obsessive to some, we believe that by having control over research, intellectual properties, design, development, manufacturing processes and quality control, UCL Swift can ensure that we are… 

  • maximizing the customer experience when using our product 
  • maximizing product performance
  • ensuring field efficiency 
  • minimizing quality issues in the supply chain 
  • controlling consistency within our operations 
  • providing consistent product development for the future.
  • This integrated model ensures that we have the highest level of quality control and that our customers all over the world are satisfied with their product and experience. This is yet another reason why America Ilsintech is proud to be a UCL Swift company! 

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, the term “Tier”, typically one through three and up to five, is often used to establish a competitors’ position in the market. At America Ilsintech, we recognize two “Tiers”. Tier-One is the group of companies who contribute to the market more than just a product. Tier-One players offer technology, philosophy, intellectual properties and a glimpse into the future of the industry. Tier-Two players claim to be equal in specification, compatible with Tier-One suppliers’ processes and lower in price through outsourcing and quality of components. Based on these criteria, we consider UCL Swift and America Ilsintech Tier-One for many of the reasons mentioned here and a major contributing factor to the growth of the UCL Swift brand and adoption in the market.

We invite you to see vertical integration at its best and to see the benefit of an all inclusive process that results in the best user experience on the market. 

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