Dallas, Texas: March 23, 2020

America Ilsintech wishes to issue the following update to our COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement, dated March 17, 2020.

In following the protocols detailed in our previous statement, out of concern for our community’s well-being and in strict accordance with the Amended Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins dated March 22, 2020 (the order) America Ilsintech is making the following adjustments to operations in response to the more recent spread of COVID-19 in Dallas County, TX.

  • In accordance with Section 2.>a.>iii. “Essential Critical Infrastructure”, America Ilsintech will continue to operate in support of the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure in the following ways.
    • We will continue to provide consumable materials for the deployment and/or improvement of internet access and web-based services for both critical operations in business infrastructure and home-based offices resulting from ‘Shelter in Place’ and ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ regulations.
    • We will continue to support our front line and user-facing customers with ongoing rapid response repair, calibration and service of critical tools and equipment for use in the deployment of telecommunications services.
  • To remain in accordance with the spirit of the order, America Ilsintech will also take steps to maximize social distancing in support of the well-being of our employees, customers and our community.
    • Office functions that can be performed from home offices will be ordered to do so. This will include Accounting and Customer Service functions. We ask that our customers remain patient and understanding as we make this transition.
    • Effective immediately, “Will Call/PickUp” orders will not be accepted. Only FedEx/UPS shipments utilizing regularly scheduled pickups will be accepted.

America Ilsintech wishes to reemphasize that we are all in this together and that we will take a leadership role in compliance with regulatory and social responsibility protocol. We understand that fast, reliable telecommunications is vitally important now more than ever as much of the country has moved to virtual education and working remotely. We look forward to the day when things return to normal while improved by the lessons we learn during this trying time.

Reference materials:
Amended Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins, dated March 22, 2020

America Ilsintech Previous COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement, dated March 17, 2020

Please utilize info@americailsintech.com for questions about our position on COVID-19 as it exists and as it may adapt to changes in recommendations from reliable sources.

Thank you.

Brad Everette, General Manager

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