As the Director of Broadband Markets, I regularly speak with service providers large and small and have but a few minutes of their time to explain why America Ilsintech should be considered by their organization.  Compared to many of our competitors who have a much broader product offering including test equipment, bulk fiber, plastic boxes, etc., our product specialization in fusion splicers, splice on connectors and cable assemblies may seem less than adequate for their needs. Their first question is always how can we support them with such a specialized product set?   

My answer to this question is simple.  We specialize in a very focused connectivity segment of the market because we are dedicated at excelling in what we are good at each and every day. We believe you should do what you are good at and we are really good at fusion splice connectivity. As an example, we manufacture all the components of our fusion splicers and connectors including the ferrules – one of less than half a dozen companies worldwide who can make that statement.

Our passion for quality connectivity runs throughout all phases of our organization from same-day shipping and 24-hour repair turn-around out of our Dallas TX facility to our onsite training and nationwide direct sales team. America Ilsintech is the best valued quality splicing connectivity solution in the marketplace. Our customers migrate to us because they do their homework and don’t just buy a “Brand” but align with a partner, no pun intended!

Both our patented All-In-One and traditional stand-alone single fiber and ribbon splicers as well as our Telcordia Compliant connectors are the gear of choice for both the high volume fleet deployed splicer teams for Enterprise Data Centers as well as their contractors large and small.

From Hawaii to Key West and everywhere in between, (Alaska and Canada too!), America Ilsintech is growing our market share exponentially. Engage us directly or through one of our partners and find out how we can up your connectivity game economically and efficiently.

Dave Schuman
Director of Business Development-FTTx

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